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CEO - Open

President and General Manager - Cory Layne

Cory Layne has been an accountant since 1978 and developed financial software for various government agencies and large corporations from 1982 through 1996. In addition to accounting, he has done consulting to small businesses, writing business plans and SBA loan packages. He has been CFO or controller of several small corporations. In 1992 he developed Polarwear, a skiwear line. In 1994 he purchased Color Country Publishing, founded in 1986. He has experience as a free-lance author, ghostwriter and editor. He also owned Color Country Print Shop, which he sold in 1997. He has owned several other businesses, most of them profitable, his first a total bust.

Responsibilities - Since February, 2001, he has devoted his time to developing his long-planned DeTaxUS project. He is Editor of the monthly DeTaxUS newsletter.

Webmaster and Designer - Royal Fletcher

Prior to DeTaxUS, Royal was a partner at Web Marketing Now, where he maintained accounts for many well-known companies. He has worked with Bright Builders, a web design and database programming company. He has edited and revised an ebook on web marketing written by Jerry West, a recognized web marketing expert. While at e-automate as a salesman, Royal provided marketing expertise by reviewing and improving their marketing materials. Over the years, he has sold small-business accounting software, web marketing, home-based internet businesses, and websites. He has been on the capital raising teams of several companies.

Responsibilities - Responsible for developing Internet and direct mail marketing, coordinating development of DeTaxUS website and associated graphic design.

Retained Legal Team

Soden and Steinberger, Corporate Legal Counsel

Maria Speth of Jaburg Wilk
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