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The founder of DeTaxUS, an accountant and financial software developer, has been listening to complaints from clients, friends, and business associates for nearly 40 years.  Everybody hates the income tax system with its complex rules and forms; its cost in both time and money; its unfairness; its stress at tax time and the on-going fear of audits and unreasonable penalties.

Everybody complains about income taxes (even the lawyers who wrote the laws and regulations and the accountants who try to comprehend it), but nobody has done anything about it.

  • Tax Reform bill after bill only complicates the system more
  • Tax Simplification added hundreds more pages of tax law
  • The Privacy Act added more disclaimers to the forms, but didn't give us more Privacy
  • The Paperwork Reduction Act added more paperwork than it took away
  • Tax Rate Cuts were usually offset with reductions in allowable deductions. The Tax Rates always crept back up but the deductions didn't return
  • Tax Credits have come and gone and have been beneficial to only a few, whichever special interest was in vogue that year
  • The Internal Revenue Code is now over 9,000 pages (up 2,000 pages since I first wrote this in 2001) while IRS regulations and court rulings fill libraries
  • Studies have shown that tax advice from IRS employees is wrong 47% of the time and about half the time CPAs can't get it right either
  • Tax Court dockets are full and judges in federal courts dealing with similar cases produce dissimilar judgments
  • Tax Freedom Day was April 9 in 2010 down a bit from 2000's May 1 date, but still more than 25%-30% of each year's labor goes to support government.  To us that is way too much involuntary servitude.  According to the Tax Foundation, Americans will paid more taxes in 2010 than they will spend on food, clothing and shelter combined.
  • Corporate income taxes are not paid by corporations. They are figured into the cost of every product from raw materials thru manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail and passed along to the consumers in addition to the individual income tax on their earnings

The system is broken beyond repair. It's time to throw it out and start over.  There are better ways to fund government than this confusing mess.

Congress will not act until enough individual citizens start calling, writing and emailing their individual Congressmen and Senators demanding action. How many constitute "enough?" A million or so. Several million would be even better. One Senator stated that every letter he gets from a constituent represents the shared opinion of 1,000 citizens who don't bother to write him. A couple of million letters would definitely get the attention of our representatives in the hallowed halls of Congress.

How do you get several million people fired up enough to write letters?

We've concluded that the best way to reach a significant number of American taxpayers is through an Internet-based taxpayers' association that first meets your individual needs for coherent tax assistance under the current laws, and then offers solutions to the members of Congress.

DeTaxUS, Inc. was formed as a Nevada corporation in August 2001 to address the following:

  • Many Americans agree that something has to be done to "fix" the overly intrusive, burdensome and punitive income tax system, but they don't know how to bring about changes. The debate wages on about a flat tax vs. a sales tax vs. a value-added tax (VAT). Meanwhile the income tax gets more complicated every year.
  • The timing appeared to be right in 2001 to raise an army of concerned citizens to storm the halls of Congress in support of Congressman Ron Paul's bill (House Joint Resolution 45, introduced in April 2001) to repeal the 16th Amendment and abolish the federal income tax system.
  • The electronic publishing of newsletters, eZines and eBooks is a growing market but there is relatively little quality information available on finance subjects at affordable prices for the average wage earner. By providing a low-cost newsletter to our membership, we can attract more people than the higher-priced publications such as Kiplinger and Bottom Line and still be self-supporting.
  • Through an affiliate program, where members are paid to refer others, millions of people can be reached in a relatively short period of time. There are over 93 Million individual taxpayers in America. There are another 25 Million small or home-based businesses.
  • By operating as a free enterprise corporation rather than as a nonprofit or PAC, we can help boost the economy, advocate home-based businesses among our members, and teach the principles of capitalism that made America great.

Progress So Far (as of March 2011):

We spent a significant amount of time and money over the first several years, including joining and supporting various conservative organizations, to learn how we could help put an end to the income tax and move toward a less intrusive sales tax or other form of paperless taxing system.

Most of these organizations were nonprofit think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute with excellent ideas for reducing spending and taxes at the federal level.  Some were Political Action Committees (PACs), such as Jack Kemp's Empower America which started out to promote repeal of the income tax but for some reason turned its attention to education reform. (Citizens for a Sound Economy merged with Empower America in 2004 and was renamed FreedomWorks, which advocates a flat tax.)  Many of these nonprofits and PACs continually solicit their members for donations, but never seem to accomplish anything. Mostly they lobby Congress on individual bills, but none of these organizations have enough clout to actually move Congress to change the system.

Since 2001 we have supported Ron Paul's congressional campaigns and supported passage of the bills he introduced or sponsored in the House.  Most never made it out of committee, let alone got to the floor for a vote.

Then came his 2007-08 presidential campaign.  None of us expected him to win the election, but hoped he could raise awareness of our pro-liberty stance on issues like the income tax.  We were all amazed at how well the senior citizen Dr. Paul resonated with America's youth who rallied to his support.

His campaign spawned a number of grass roots organizations, including his own Campaign for Liberty and the Young Americans for Liberty with growing chapters on college and high school campuses in every state.  He also influenced the Tea Party movement and gained the support of DownsizeDC, Advocates for Self-Government, and other active pro-liberty organizations.  His books on economics and the Federal Reserve Banking System have become best-sellers.  Dr. Paul's predictions of economic disaster due to irresponsible spending by Congress and the continual borrowing to support liberal domestic programs and military interventions around the globe have started to come true.

If he has enough energy to endure another gruelling campaign, he may be able to move the liberty movement forward another step between now and the November 2012 election.  If elected, he would be the oldest president ever elected, but he is healthy and full of energy, so who knows?

Meanwhile, YOU can gain control of your personal, family and small business finances. Join DeTaxUS today! Join our affiliate program and refer other Americans who want to learn how they too can improve their financial well-being through better money management, and we will grow. When there are enough of us to make a difference, we can end the income tax once and for all. You'll be glad you did, and your children and grandchildren will benefit.

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